Everyone must create. There’s a crucial task at hand, critical to our redemption. An individual can only reaffirm his prime following a state of euphoria, the complete and utter elation of breaking free from a world in the hands of conformists that follow established paths and destroy the power of the individual. No more rules. No more boundaries. Anartists keep it real, we forge our own fates through pure creativity, joy, and madness.


Anartism is a fearless expression, with no “ifs, ands, or buts.” It’s the use of all the tools rejected by the establishment. It’s turning our backs to the so-called “sense of modesty” because it imposes nonsensical rules. It’s the abolishment of creative standards that unsettles conformists. It’s every object, feeling, and shred of darkness that can be a weapon in the fight for Anartism. It’s the abolishment of logic. It’s living in the now. It’s the undeniable confidence you feel when you birth an idea.
It’s an elegant and fearless leap of faith from known territory to a world that’s yet to be developed; the piercing sound
of a melody red like a bullet, a cry for help. It’s respect for all individualities in the momentary madness of their feelings, serious or fearful, timid or passionate, vigorous, resolute, and enthusiastic. It’s stripping society itself of the existing tools that keep it under sedation. It’s spouting critical and renewed thinking like a luminous waterfall, taking pleasure in it, and giving it an identity. It’s feeling comfortable in the discomfort of judgment, in differentiation, and in acts of madness. Freedom: Anartism, Anartism, Anartism. A primal scream of bristling colors, a meetup of all opposites, all contradictions, all that is wrong, all that is incoherent: LIFE ITSELF